Norfolk County Council Elections 6 May 2021

The Green Party made impressive progress in Broadland where our hard-working candidate, Eleanor Laming, came a creditable second to the Conservatives in the Thorpe St Andrew Division. Eleanor polled over 700 votes well above Labour (579) and the Liberal Democrats (197). Focussing our campaigning shows that when we get our message out people are willing to vote for Green policies.

Candidates also improved on the Green Party core vote notably in Blofield & Brundall and Reepham divisions and came third in seven of the eleven divisions contested.

The Green Party won back three county council seats to be represented at County Hall once again. The EDP highlighted the gains made by the Green Party in both County Council and City Council elections winning seats in Thorpe Hamlet, the division adjacent to Thorpe St Andrew, which bodes well for the district elections in 2023.

Broadland Green Party Candidates

For the electoral boundaries of the County Council Divisions in Broadland named below click on Election Maps

AYLSHAM - Andrew Boswell


HELLESDON - Ken Parsons

OLD CATTON - Ian Chapman

REEPHAM - Sarah Morgan

SPROWSTON - Kahn Johnson

TAVERHAM - Claire Marcham

THORPE ST ANDREW - Eleanor Laming

WOODSIDE - Jim Green

WROXHAM - Nick Ball


The Green Party of England and Wales is pledging to build a Green Recovery in every community across the country. In Broadland, we are campaigning for Norfolk County Council to adopt the following priorities:

1. Green Jobs - retrofit houses to lower carbon consumption and enhance resilience to our changing climate. Install solar panels, insulation and air source heat pumps to create thousands of jobs across Norfolk.

2. Universal Basic Income - in the wake of the pandemic, more than ever, a universal basic income is needed to support people whose incomes have been adversely affected.

3. A Carbon Budget - the county council should measure the carbon cost of all its activities as a first step to cutting the amount of carbon it is responsible for releasing. Only with accurate data can the council cut its carbon emissions effectively.

4. Responsible Waste Disposal Without Incineration - None of the county's waste should be incinerated as it is now. Greens would radically overhaul waste management, cutting waste at source and providing re-use and repair facilities at every recycling centre in Norfolk.

5. Traffic-free Clean Air Zones Outside Schools - Clean air is vital for healthy growing children. Every child should also have a safe journey to school. A county-wide travel plan for schools is essential.

6. No New Road Building - Greens would improve public transport and demand cleaner buses. Greens do not support the building of new major roads, such as the Norwich Western Link Road, saving the money that would be wasted on such a vanity project, while protecting Norfolk's unique wildlife. New roads cannot be built if we are to meet C02 emissions targets.

7. Additional Funding for Adult Social Services to Combat Drug Abuse - drug addiction should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal offence.

8. Mental Health - positive mental health can be nurtured through greater community engagement and activities supported at a community level to boost the wellbeing of local residents.